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Internet Advisory

The Hyannis Public Library Association offers community access to the Internet free of charge.

  • Determining the accuracy of authenticity of electronic information presents problems.
  • Some information found through the Internet may not meet the needs of the Hyannis Public Library’s collection development policy.
  • Internet resources may contain material of a controversial nature.
  • The individual user is responsible for selection of the sites.
  • Parents or legal guardians must provide guidance to their own minor children.
  • Any restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian, not of the Hyannis Public Library Staff, Trustees, or Association.
  • The Hyannis Public Library Association has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.

The Hyannis Public Library Association supports the Library Bill of Rights (American Library Association)

Policy adopted by the Hyannis Public Library Association on July 17, 1999

Hyannis Public Library Policy For Supervising Children In The Library


The library staff values our youngest readers and want to assure that our policies help to promote safe and enjoyable library visits. Youngsters left alone in the Children’s Room for long periods of time naturally grow bored and restless, and their behavior can be disturbing to others. The rules below outline our policy concerning the supervision of children in the library.

  1. Children five years and younger must be supervised   by a responsible person (either an adult or a mature adolescent). If your young child is in the Children’s Room, you must stay with them or have them accompany you in the adult area.
  2. Children six to eight years of age may be left unattended for up to one half hour only. Please inform Children’s Room staff of your whereabouts in the library building.
  3. Children over eight years of age may use the library unattended, subject to our rules concerning conduct and behavior. The library staff are not caregivers, and therefore visits to the library should not serve the function of babysitting.
  4. When picking up older children from the library, arrange to  meet them at least 15 minutes before closing, so children aren’t left waiting after library hours.
  5. The library assumes no responsibility for children of any age left unattended. Furthermore, parents must assume liability for damage done by their children.

* Children in categories one and two above need to be accompanied to the restroom. Please ask the security officer for the key to the restroom.** The above rules do not apply to scheduled library programs in which your children are participating.